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Sleepy Boy

I’d have to say this was my quickest photo shoot yet!! This little man came to me sleeping and stayed sleeping while I posed him a bunch of different ways… I felt like I was missing something or going too quickly… I guess I am just not used to them coming already asleep and staying asleep for me hahaha. Here are a few pictures from the session. Proud Big sister was so excited about “her baby”, she wanted to be in every picture!!


Not So Sleepy Boy

This adorable little man did not want to cooperate at all. Mom and dad ended up having to bring him back the next day because he was not happy. Day number 2 started out like Day 1, but after laying with dad for a bit we got him to sleep… and when he’s out… he’s OUT. Here is a sneak peak. Enjoy!

Not interested….
Not So Happy
Little Foot
Dad and his little man wearing their Pook Toques
Pook Toques
Beautiful Family
Look how peaceful he is now!!
Sleepy Little Man

Baby Girl

My first newborn baby girl!! So far I have only had little boys come for their first photo shoot… but today I got the pleasure of photographing this beautiful baby girl. What a joy! She slept pretty much the whole time and was a perfect little angle. Here is a sneak peak! Enjoy!!!






It was a pleaseure working with this couple and their little boy. Mom was very willing to work with me to get the shots I had in my mind, on camera. Here is a sneak peak. Enjoy!!






7 Days Old

This little man is just 7 days old and already has his parents wrapped around his little finger.  Although he didn’t want to sleep and was more interested in eating most of the session, we were able to get some great shots!!! Here’s your sneak peak mom and dad! Enjoy!!