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    Hey! Welcome to the blog home of Pure Essence Photography! My name is Becky! I'm a full time mom of 4 crazy kids and I have a passion for photography! I specialize in maternity, newborn and children's photography!

    Some fun facts about Me:
    I don’t like hot drinks… that means no coffee or tea… Occasionally I will have a chai lattee but I prefer them chilled and hot chocolate is okay on cold winter days.
    My favourite season is winter and I LOVE the snow!!
    I’ve lived in the same small town since I was 2 years and 10 months old! My parents still live in the same house!
    I LOVE Moksha Yoga! So relaxing… I need it with 4 kids, 3 dogs and 3 cats running around!
    My Favourite colour is Purple.
    May the 4th is a holiday our family enjoys celebrating!! May the 4th be with you!!!
    I am a nerd!
    I attend St. Marys First Baptist Church and I love my church family!

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New Baby Hats and Headbands

I have added a couple new baby hats and headband’s to my collection and had the beautiful 5 month old Amberlynn come to model them, and we had a great time. She was such a happy little lady!

Awesome Cousin!!

This woman and her cousin saw my work at one of their friends houses and she wanted to get Maternity pictures done, so her cousin bought her a gift certificate as a surprise for her!! What an awesome cousin eh! Since this shoot her and her husband have welcomed a beautiful baby girl into their lives!

This first picture includes a picture that is now hanging in their baby’s room! I think it explains having a baby, perfectly!

Welcome back!!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to photograph the bride, from the first wedding I photographed, who is now expecting her first child! It is so exciting when my clients return and allow me to photograph the next major events that are happen in their lives! Next time we will see her, she will have her new baby! Can’t wait!!

I also had the opportunity to try out my red wall as a backdrop and I love how the pictures turned out. Here is a tiny sneak peak as I am not done editing the entire session. Enjoy!!

A Sign from God??

My husband and I have been looking for a new house that will fit our family and needs a little better. With 3 boys and my husband and I both working from home, our small 3 bedroom semi isn’t quite cutting it anymore.

On Monday we were going through this beatuiful house with our realitor, and we came in from checking out the backyard and I noticed a picture of a newborn sitting on top of the fireplace. I got a little closer and was sure that it was a picture that I had taken, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on who the baby was. My husband and realitor were both commenting on how beautiful the picture was, and I was trying to hard to put my finger on who the baby was… I was sure that that was a piece of my work. We went on through the house and a little while later I saw a picture of the homeowners and realised that I was walking through the home of the grandparets to the first newborn that I EVER photographed!! It was a picture that I had taken afterall!!! It just warmed my heart so see some of my work displayed in someone’s house that I didn’t even know.

Maybe this was a sign from god. Although I am not sure what for yet, it still put a huge smile on my face!

This is the picture I found displayed so proudly on the fireplace. Although I have come so far from here, this is where it all began!

New Website!!

I am very excited to announce the launch of Pure Essence Photography’s new website!! Please feel free to check it out and send me your comments!

You can find it at: http://www.pureessencephotography.ca