Monthly Archives: May 2013

Meet Baby Greyson!

He’s FINALLY HERE!! I have been so excited to meet this little man ever since we did the gender¬†announcement¬†session back in the winter!! Well… even before then when Mom announced they were expecting! It’s very exciting for me when my friends start having babies! As some of you may know my hubby and I started […]

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Meet Little Miss Emma

Miss Emma is a TOTAL Momma’s girl! All she wanted to do was cuddle with Mommy and wanted NOTHING to do with me what so ever. I tried everything I could think of to try to get her to smile for me, and not cling to Mommy, ¬†but it seemed like it wasn’t going to […]

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Happy 1st Birthday Miss Lorelai!

Miss Lorelai is 1 and boy oh boy what a busy little girl! I’m sure the second she saw me pull out the camera she was like “HA! Good Luck Lady!!” LOL We would get her posed, I would go to click the picture but she was too quick, every time I tried to get […]

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