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Last week I have the privilege to do another Pregnancy Announcement session! I LOVE these sessions!! Now that Mom and Dad and Excited Big Brother to be have announced it to the world, I can finally post a few pictures for everyone to see!!

Beginning to look like Spring!!

Today I decided to talk one of my little guys out to splash in some puddles and see what kind of pictures I could get! We had so much fun I am thinking of offering April Shower Puddle sessions throughout the month of April! Who would be interested in these???

Miss Aubrey is One!

I have had the privilege to photograph this adorable little girl from when she was in her Mommy’s tummy, when she was brand new, 6 months old and now Miss Aubrey is One!! I love watching the babies grow up and capturing the special mile stones in their lives, and watching their personalities come out and start to shine! Aubrey has always been able to make me giggle. She has the cutest personality and it just shows in these pictures!

Here is Miss Aubrey at 6 months old, with her famous duck face! I say famous because I think I received more likes on this picture then any other picture I have ever posted! But how could you not LOVE this picture! It’s flippin’ adorable!!!

Look at how much she has grown!!

Future Opera Singer? I think so! Oh Aubrey! You make me smile!!

And out comes the cake! She was so dainty! Touch the cake, wipe her finger on the floor or her leg… touch the cake again… wipe it off… HEHEHE

Here comes a big smash… maybe??

This is pretty much the extent of the mess before she had had enough. Such a dainty little girl! Probably one of the cleanest cake smashes I have ever done!

Miss Brynlee

Meet Miss Brynlee! I just 11 days new she came into the studio and slept for the first few pictures I took! I thought AWESOME! She’s going to do whatever I need her to do! Oh I was so wrong LOL. Miss Brynlee had to be one of the most squirmy babies I have had! No screaming or crying, she just wanted to be stubborn. I put her legs the way I want them  then, then I make sure her hands are good and then there go the legs, as I’m working on posing her legs again… there go her hands. She really wanted to make me work for these pictures! Finally she gave in and I am so happy with the shots we were able to get! AND for the first time in as long as I can remember… There was NO laundry!! Great Job Brynlee!

It’s A….

Another Gender Announcement! EEEKKK! I am SOOOO loving these sessions! So much fun!

So… Pink or Blue??

It’s a…


Congratulations Brittany, Jay and Big Brother Colton! Thank you for letting me share in the excitement with you!!! I can’t wait to meet the little one!!