Meet Little Miss Emma

Miss Emma is a TOTAL Momma’s girl! All she wanted to do was cuddle with Mommy and wanted NOTHING to do with me what so ever. I tried everything I could think of to try to get her to smile for me, and not cling to Mommy, ┬ábut it seemed like it wasn’t going to happen…. And then suddenly she decided to warm up to me for a few minutes here and there and let me get some adorable shots!

We were okay in the suitcase for a minute…

Then we tried some Peek A Boo! AHHH those eyes!!! Melt my heart!!!

Then after we got tired of Peek A Boo, Mom told me that she LOVES bath time! AH HA!! Bath it is!!!

This session started out as a challenge but once we figured out what Emma wanted to do we we’re good to go! I may have made a fool of myself with all of the goofy faces and noises I made, but it was so worth it when she started smiling at me!

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